Welcome to the Niobrara Farms

Columbia Farmers’ market is a place where you can find a sense of community, fresh-produced products, and friendly and amusing people. The objective of the Columbia Farmers’ Market is to give both the local farmers and consumers a reliable, regulated marketplace for the direct exchange of safe and high-quality food. It is held every Saturday morning. From March, the location of the Farmers’ Market is transferred from the indoor to the outdoor place, which also provides people a chance to enjoy the morning sunshine.

Niobrara farm is a farm that provides all nature and handcrafted soap in the Columbia Farmers’ market. The owner of the farm is a couple of sisters, Leah Pelc and Sarah Pelc. Leah said they joined the Farmers’ Market two years ago, and they have gained more customers since joining. Sarah introduced that their natural soap, candles and lip balm are welcomed among the customers. Every Saturday morning, Leah and Sarah present their products to the people who visit the Farmers’ Market and make friends with them as well.


A customer came and told Sarah that her daughter and her mother both like the goat milk soap. Sarah is very happy when she heard about that.


Sarah Pelc is the owner of the Niobrara Farm. She introduced herself as a follower of Jesus Christ, artisan, homemaker and photographer. She said her happiest moment in a day is hearing customers say how wonderful the soap that she made.


The Niobrara Farm is operated by the sisters Leah Pelc and Sarah Pelc. Leah said her sister is more skillful at promoting their products. Her main job is to manage the transportation. Leah said she and her sister are perfect business partners.


Sarah said there are 16 kinds of goat milk soap provided by the Niobrara Farm and they continue to produce new kind of goat milk soup every season. Her favorite one is the Meadow Grove Goat Milk Soap because it smells like the spring.


The Morris couple enjoyed the smell of the goat milk soap. Mary, the wife, said this is the first time that they bought the soap produced by the Niobrara Farm. They like the soap and will visit the farm in the future.


Many customers came to buy the soap without much hesitation.  Sarah said they can earn double than they usually earn at the Farmers’ Market.